Friday, December 20, 2013

Producers for the In View Series Hoping to Feature More Environmental Stories in 2014

The producers of the In View series hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550), an enlightening cable TV program distributed to TV viewers across the United States, plan to present several stories about the environment in 2014.  Show producers like associate producer Brian Cahill, associate producer Rachel Van Drake, associate producer Diane Shandler, associate producer David Kent and associate producer John Patrick hope to highlight more examples of American cities, communities and companies moving away from their dependence upon fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprints.

Producers for In View hosted by Larry King will seek out stories about companies and communities that have adapted to preserve and take better care of the environment. Senior associate producer Joel Walters and other members of the
In View Larry King producer team like associate producer Karla Sullivan, associate producer Derrick Milhous and associate producer Courtney Lovejoy will try to find companies that have “gone green” in different ways to feature on the In View series (855-446-8439) over the next year.

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